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Book and Lyrics by John Dietrich

Music by Will Buck

    England, 1920 - shortly after World War I and right on the cusp of the Jazz Age. Quiet, reserved Anne Elliot is the middle child of Sir Walter Elliot, a vain and profligate aristocrat. After his reckless spending puts the family on the brink of financial ruin, Sir Walter is forced to let the family estate. The tenants he finds are a decorated naval officer and his wife - who happen to be relatives of one Frederick Wentworth, who was engaged to Anne some eight years prior. Now, confronted with the man she was convinced to give up so long ago, Anne must navigate a changing world and her own turbulent emotions in order to come to terms with her mistakes and, just maybe, undo some of them. Adapted from Jane Austen's beloved 1817 novel Persuasion.


Book and Lyrics by Cory Conley

Music by Will Buck

    College senior "Doc" has always been more of an observer than a participant - and lately he's been obsessing over a gorgeous go-go boy whose stage name is simply "Go." After weeks of lusting after Go from afar, Doc impulsively (and drunkenly) invents an excuse to meet his idol: a documentary about New York gay nightlife, with Go as its central figure. What ensues is a racy, intense, and often hilarious journey of self-discovery in which Doc finds out what happens when he gets everything he wants. Based on Cory Krueckeberg's 2013 film, Getting Go: The Go/Doc Project.

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